Mental and Physical Balance

Mental and Physical Balance

Mental and Physical Balance

I work with a lot of different people everyday. People from all strides of life, from the extremely busy to the retired. I am an observational person, and what I’ve observed amoungst most people is the imbalance of sleep, and extreme amounts of stress. People fail to realize how essential, and inessential both of these are. Stress and sleep go hand and hand; not enough sleep will cause you stress, and too much stress will cause you not to sleep. Stress inhibits the proper function of almost every organ in the body, so does lack of sleep. Let’s talk about the most important ones- heart and brain.

When the central division of the brain is under large amounts of stress it will do a few things;

  • Go into “fight or flight mode” Releasing the hormones cortisol and adrenaline
  • Causes the heart to race, muscles to tense, blood vessels to constrict and blood sugar to rise (hello headaches and diabetes)
  • Temporarily impairs your memory, and ability to attain and recall information
  • Number one cause of short term sleeping difficulties.

Sleep is a way of rebooting our systems. Some important things happen when you get an adequate amount of sleep;

  • Your body repairs itself the most when at rest
  • Your blood-pressure, heart rate and overall functions are slowed to allow your body focus on detoxing and rejuvenating itself.
  • You have better mood, focus and retention of things learned well rested
  • Your body produces necessary hormones, such as the muscle growth hormone and bile source to finish the break-down of proteins in the small intestine. We should all really keep in mind that a life without sleep is stress, and a life filled with stress causes poor sleep . Hopefully my blog encourages you to get the proper balance of sleep, and to avoid chronic stress as much as possible.

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