Enzymes are a special molecule. They are such a passing thought, that most of us don’t even realize how essential enzymes really are. Enzymes are necessary for the building, and breaking down of molecules in our bodies!

What are enzymes ?

They are biological catalysts, that speed up the building and break-down of complex molecules.

  • Without enzymes, chemical reactions would happen too slowly in the system for our bodies to sustain life
  • Digestive enzymes break down large molecules (protein for instance) into smaller molecules to pass through the system
  • Systemic enzymes collect smaller molecules and build them up to larger more complex structures, for instance double helix DNA. They also help cells communicate with one another. Maintaining cell growth, and death. Systemic enzymes break down exogenous (bad) proteins found in the body, that could later be detrimental (virus’, bacteria, cell mutations).

Best sources of natural enzymes:


Fruits, vegetables and roots. The most abundant amount will be found in pineapples, papaya, sprouted grains, and legumes.

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down molecules that don’t serve your body, and building up new cells and structures to keep your body at its ultimate state of homeostasis. Think of it this way, you cannot live without an essential amount of enzymes, and if your body is lacking it may start to break down similar to when you skip an oil change on your car.

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