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Welcome to Taste of Earth, a company dedicated to holistic wellness and longevity. Founded in 1997 by Ladell Hill, Taste of Earth’s mission is to promote healthy living from the inside-out and to educate others about taking care of their bodies mentally, physically and spiritually.

Taste of Earth offers a line of all-natural herbal supplements as well as health and beauty products formulated to help the body maintain optimal health and wellness. Ladell has been a devoted herbalist for more than 20 years and is constantly furthering his education and abilities in the natural supplement area. He is also a speaker on topics of health, fitness, healthy cooking & meal planning.

Ladell is a molecular health specialist and fitness trainer who believes in pushing the body to new heights of fitness. He assesses his client’s goals and current state of fitness and develops an overall program tailored to their specific needs, age and physical abilities. He designs programs to fit into his client’s lifestyles and busy schedules and offers individual as well as group training. His sessions are typically one-hour, three times per week.

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Get started with out 31 Day Protocol. This program will help the main organ systems in the body detoxify and will help amplify the elimination process. Take our 5 proprietary herbal blends available in 31 Day Cleanse in the morning and drink of plenty of water. This is the first step to a healthier you. Our users can begin to feel the difference within a few days.

About Us

Ladell Hill, founder of Taste of Earth, grew up learning healthy ways to take care of his body from his Native American grandfather who taught him many things about herbs and natural healing. Ladell has dedicated his life to perfecting formulas for a healthier lifestyle and longevity. It is his goal and passion to enhance people’s lives through holistic healing.

He has appeared on CNN numerous times as an expert in the health, fitness and wellness field. He has also written various articles for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Better Health section and has been a speaker on various local radio and television programs throughout the country.

His extensive background as an herbalist, molecular health specialist, fitness trainer and speaker enable him to offer his clients a complete approach to overall health from the inside-out.


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